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December 2005-

XRF has a low vibration reach-in crystallization chamber in KLB 412. The chamber manufactured by EJS Systems, Stafford, Tx 77477 is part of the dedicated crystallization accessories made available by the X-Ray Facility. The chamber is capable of maintaining crystals at any temperature in the range of 10 to 26° C +/- 0.5° C. Typically the chamber temperature is set at a particular value until someone else requests another setting. If different temperature settings are requested, a schedule will be made available and posted in this page. Please send your comments to Soma.

Some features of the chamber are:

  • Interior Dimensions: 23x26x21"
  • 1/3 HP bottom mounted compressor
  • Polyureathane insulation
  • Low vibration design specifically for crystal growth
  • Stainless steel doors and front
  • Adjustable vinyl coated shelves

    The Crystal Chamber temperature can be monitored using APC-Environmental Monitor. Guest log-ins are permitted. Check the status using the URL (username: xrayuser; password: Please check with Soma):

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