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  R-Axis IIcMarCCD165 ADIPs
IMB X-Ray Crystallography Facility features four separate instrumental set-ups for x-ray diffraction data acquisition. They are Rigaku Osmic Image Plate (ROIP) set-up, Rigaku Osmic marCCD (ROmCCD) set-up, Rigaku Osmic Xentronics Area Detecor (ROXAD) set-up and Elliott Supper Total Reflection Mirror set-up. The XRF's core instruments are three rotating anode generators and three automated area-detectors (one image plate, one charge-coupled device, and one multi-wire area detector). We occassionally use a stand-alone image plate and reader from Analytical Lab in BioUnit I.

Detailed information about these instruments and their capabilities can be found in the links listed on the left-hand side panel.

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