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  HP Ultrium 215LTO1 Media

X-Ray Crystallography Facility (XRF) in April 2005 has added a HP Ultrium 215 tape drive with LTO Ultium-1 tape media to archive the increasing amount of x-ray diffraction data collected both at synchrotron and home source. The system features a Ultra SCSI HP StorageWorks Ultrium 215 tape drive with LTO1 tape media. Linear-Tape Open 1 (LTO1) medium has 100/200GB (native/compressed) capacity and together with Ultrium 215 tape ~50 GB/h (compressed) data can be archived. More details about the system is given below:
  • Current Operating System: Ubuntu 5.04 Linux kernel v. 2.6.10-4-386
  • HP Ultrium 215 External SCSI Drive
  • LTO Ultrium-1 media 100/200 GB (native/compressed) capacity
  • One FireWire400 (IEEE 1394) adapter
  • One HiSpeed USB2.0 adapter
  • One 1 gigabit ethernet adapter
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