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  • HKL Suite

    This software developed by Zbyszek Otwinowski (Southwestern, Dallas) and Wladek Minor (U Virginia) is widely used program to process oscillation data. This software can recognize several different image formats. This suite consists of three separate programs: Denzo, XdisplayF, and Scalepack. Denzo is used to auto-index and integrate the data and XdisplayF is the companion display program.  Scalepack is used to scale and merge the integrated data.

    Version and date:
    HKL2000 Ver. 0.98.692i (Jan. 2006). Licensed from HKL Research Inc.
    HKL2000 Ver. 0.98.689 (Feb. 2005). Licensed from HKL Research Inc.
    HKL2000 Ver. 0.97.647h (Nov. 2004). Licensed from HKL Research Inc.
    Ver. 1.97.9 (Jan. 2004). Licensed from HKL Research Inc.

    Directory of executable:
    Linux version in raccoon and neptune (SER-CAT marCCD300)
    /usr/local/xray/HKL2000_0.98.689/HKL2000 [V 0.98.689 ]
    Linux version in raccoon|neptune|dallas|orlando|mozart (SER-CAT marCCD225)
    /usr/local/xray/HKL2000_0.97.647h/HKL2000 [V 0.97.647h]
    Linux version in raccoon|spruce|neptune
    /usr/local/xray/HKL.1.97.9/denzo; xdisp; scalepack [V 1.97.9]

    Help file:
    HKL Manual (courtesy of HKL research)
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