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  DigDocSys Workstation
Phe.sb.fsu.edu ( is a single 864 MHz Intel Pentium III processor Dell Precision 220 Workstation. It is used primarily for collecting and documenting digital images of protein crystals. Leica S8 APO stereo zoom microscope with Moticam 1300 digital camera (Leica | Moticam System) is attched to this workstation via the FireWire port. Onset HOBO (RH/Temp Loggers) is also attached to this workstation via the serial cable. This workstation has the following specifications:
  • Current Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional 5.0.2195 SP4
  • 256 MB physical memory
  • One Quantum Atlas II 20 GB SCSI hard drive
  • One Iomega Zip 250 disk drive
  • One internal CD-ROM drive
  • One FireWire (IEEE 1394) adapter: Leica | Moticam1300 | Motic system
  • One Ethernet adapter
  • Serial port: Onset HOBO Pro and H8 Read-out and Launch
Phe is also home to the local copy of MS Windows version of XRayView. X-RayView and CrystalImages can be accessed locally by following these links.Note:The following two links work only in Internet Explorer and inside IMB.
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