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  Cryo Cooler 700
XRF has two Oxford CryoStream Cryo Coolers. The new Series 700 Cryo Cooler has a temperature range of 80-400 K with a temperature stability of 0.1 K. The liquid nitrogen consumption is NOT dependent on set temperature and is only 0.6 L/h. The new Cryo Cooler has regular and turbo cooling modes allowing the user to reach set temperature quickly.

Some features of the Cryo Cooler 700 are:

  • Longer Transfer Line
  • More controls to position the cold head precisely
  • One button cooling to 100 K
  • Improved laminar flow
  • Improved computer interface
  • Easily adjustable temperature knobs
  • Digital read-out of critical parameters

  • Oxford Cryo Systems' Cryo Cooler User Manual: PDF Version | HTML Version |
  • Oxford Cryo Systems' AD41 DryAir Unit User Manual: PDF Version
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