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  Schematics courtesy of Osmic
Osmic Confocal Scheme
Osmic Confocal Max-Flux mirror system is the state of the art optics for protein x-ray crystallography and x-ray scattering. It uses two multi-layer mirrors joined side-by-side to produce high flux of x-rays with good wavelength purity. In addition, confocal mirror system is easy to align and produce a beam that has lower beam divergence and is symmetrical. Helium gas supplied via an automated cylinder switch BioSwitch purges the confocal mirror system in order to reduce beam scatter and increase the life of the mirror.

IMB XRF features three different Confocal Max-Flux optics schemes and their details are given below:

  • Osmic Blue Confocal on IP detector, CMF-12-38-Cu6: S = 12cm | D = 38cm | O = 6cm
  • Osmic Purple Confocal on CCD detector, CMF-20-28-Cu6: S = 20cm | D = 28cm | O = 6cm
  • Osmic SAXS Confocal on Area detector, CMF-15-105-Cu8: S = 15cm | D = 105cm | O = 8cm
  • Osmic Confocal Mirror User Manual: PDF Version
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