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In January 2004 we have acquired a Leica S8 APO stereo zoom microscope with Moticam 1300 real-time digital camera with Motic Images Advanced 3.2 software for crystal screening and digital documention. The Leica stereo zoom microscope has a fully apochromatic optics system with 1:8 zoom with polarizing attachment and transmitted light base. The Moticam digital camera features 1.3 mega pixel image capture (1280 x 1024), real-time preview and IEEE 1394 interface. Motic sofware features still image capture, auto image capture with preset interval, auto white balance and auto exposure.

The Leica | Moticam | Motic digital documentation system (DDS) housed in KLB 412 is interfaced with a Dell Precision 220 Workstation with 864 MHz Pentium III processor (phe.sb.fsu.edu | running under Windows 2000 Professional o/s. Phe.sb.fsu.edu is part of XRAY domain. Facility users will be able to take digital images of their crystals and document the crystallization screens. For more details check with Soma.

  • Leica Moticam Digital Document System User Manual: PDF Version | HTML Version |
  • Leica Stereo Zoom Microscope User Manual: PDF Version
  • Motic Images Advanced 3.1 User Manual: PDF Version
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