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IP and CCD Center Beam Information

Accurate and successful processing of x-ray diffaction data depends heavily on the precise value of the center beam. Unfortunately the center beam is never recorded during a regular data collection. To assist the users, I have documented the latest center beam postion in pixel and denzo coordinates both for the Image Plate (IP) and Charge-coupled device (CCD) detectors. The center beam positions will be updated whenever there is a filament or 2-theta change. For more details please contact me by e-mail or by phone at (850) 644-6448.

Image Plate (IP) Center Beam

Date recorded: Oct. 22, 2002
Pixel coordinates (x,y): 950, 950
Denzo coordinates (x,y): 100.1, 97.1

Charge-coupled Device (CCD) Center Beam

In case of the CCD detector, in addition to the regular position, the center beam can be offset to two distinct values. All the center beam coordinated and images associated with them are shown below.
Denzo coordinates (x,y): 83.2, 80.5 Denzo coordinates (x,y): 52.0, 80.4 Denzo coordinates (x,y): 20.9, 80.4
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