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  He Gas Tank Switcher He Clyinders
BioSwitch is an automated Helium gas cylinder (tank) switcher. BioSwitch has two gas inputs, two pressure sensors and one gas output port. The first gas input and sensor are connected to the main Helium tank (Primary) and the second sensor and gas input are connected to the second Helium tank (Reserve). Output port is connected to several mirror systems.

During normal operation Helium is supplied from Primary cylinder. However, when Helium is depleted (pressure falls below 10-15 psi) from the Primary cylinder, BioSwitch automatically switches the supply to the Reserve cylinder without flow interruption. An alarm indicates that the switch has occurred. Status lamp indicates the indentity of the source cylinder. Primary cylinder can then be replaced at the earliest convenience without interrupting the gas flow.

We use BioSwitch to supply a continuous stream of Helium gas to both the Osmic Confocal Mirrors and to the Supper 7600 Mirrors.

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