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American Power Conversion Corporation's (APCC) Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU) is a device for monitoring temperature and relative humidity (T & RH) of one or two target areas. The unit can monitor two independent areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) and if configured with an IP address and a network connection can send alerts by e-mail to four individuals, if the T & RH conditions exceed or fall below that has been set-up.

The unit's settings and the current status can be accessed by any web browser using either with adminstrator or user previlages. The user has ability to monitor or modify the status of the probes, whereas the adminstrator has full access to modify the alerts and change or restrict the access to the unit.

X-Ray Facility has one such unit with two probes. The probes are set to monitor XRF Crystal Room KLB 412 (Probe 1) and Crystallization Chamber (Probe 2). Xrayusers have access to check the status of the probes . Please ask Soma for user name and password. The current web page for this unit is:


  • APC Enviromental Monitoring Unit User Manual: PDF Version
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