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  Emergency Power
The newly renovated X-Ray Crystallography Facility (XRF) at the Kasha Laboratory Building (KLB) has access to emergency generator power to run critical equipment. The emergency power options are 110VAC 20A (NEMA 5-20R) & 208VAC 20A (NEMA 6-20R) and are available on the East and West walls of KLB 410A.
The NEMA 5-20R red-colored (110VAC | 20A) emergency outlet feeds into an Uninterrutible Power Supply (APC Smart Back-UPS). Oxford CryoSystems 600 | 700 Controllers are plugged into two separate UPSs. During a sudden and short power outage the UPS will keep the sample at the cryo temperature and will allow the controllers to retain their programs. However, during an extended power-outage the emergency generator power will keep the sample at cryo temperature long enough to move it into long-term storage.
NEMA 208V 20A
The NEMA 6-20R ivory-colored (208VAC | 20A) emergency outlet currently feeds the Haskris Water chiller. However, it has more available power for additonal equipments.
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