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  RU-H2R GeneratorOsmic Blue MarCCD165
The IMB X-Ray Crystallography Facility features three separate instrument set-ups for x-ray diffraction data acquisition. The Rigaku Osmic marCCD (ROmCCD) set-up consists of a rotating anode generator, multi-layer optics and an automated CCD detector. The x-ray source is a 12 kW Rigaku RU-H2R rotating anode generator (running at 44 kv and 94 mA) with a copper anode and a 0.3 x 3.0 mm2 x-ray filament (cathode). An Osmic Purple confocal mirror system purged in helium gas images the x-ray filament at 6° angle creating a foreshortned (reduced 1/10 on one dimension) 0.3 x 0.3 mm2 point image that is collimated and focussed at the detector. The marCCD has an active area of 165mm diameter with a 0.079 mm resolution. The image can be read in three (3) seconds and has two (2) byte depth thus generating a grey scale image of ~8.4 MB size.
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