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X-Ray data transfer using rsync


Procedure for transferring data from an old to a new computer using rsync

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UNIX command: rsync. 3

Conclusion. 6

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March 8, 2006

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X-Ray Data Transfer Using rsync

Procedure for transferring data from an old to a new computer using rsync

Version: March 08, 2006


This note is intended to help the X-Ray Facility (XRF) users transfer their data from an old computer to a new computer using a Linux/UNIX utility called rsync. A copy of this Note will be posted in XRF Resources page shortly after receiving suggestions and corrections from the users. This note was first written in March 7, 2006 and updated in March 8, 2006. The update includes several improvements over the original version (dropping ssh and compression options while using rsync since the both computers mount each other using Network File System, aka NSF).

UNIX command: rsync

rsync is an archiving UNIX/Linux utility that synchronizes directories and files in location with another location (both local and remote). It has several options (secure copy, file compression, directory tree, and file comparison) allowing a user to copy files from a source to a destination either one-time transfer or incrementally over the network.

X-Ray Facility (XRF) will soon be retiring the single processor RedHat Linux based machines and replacing them with Ubuntu Linux based dual AMD 2.0 GHz Athalon processor machines and Users are urged to archive their data in the older machines using tape and/or DVD, or transfer their data (Note: data here refers to the processed data only and NOT the original diffraction images and the latter should NOT be transferred due to size limitations) to the new machines.

Currently, is on-line and users should first establish that they can log-in to this machine using their username and password (or username and password). Once logged-in the users should create a new directory under /data/users/ called username (i.e., your username) and a sub-directory (say, My-Data) and other sub-sub-directories depending upon your project. Next step will be to transfer the required data from the older machines to the new machine.

The following procedure is one of the ways of accomplishing the transfer using rsync protocol from the old machine to new machine while preserving the ownership, symlinks, date of creation, and other characteristics of your old files. In this procedure, we will use rsync with exclude-from option to selectively transfer the required directories or files. For more details of how rsync works and other options the user is referred to rsync web page or manpage. For this example we are assuming a typical scenario where the user has several directories in the old machine (referred to as Source) but wants to transfer only some of them to the new machine (referred to as Destination).



This is the old machine ( I log-in and move to the location where my processed files are stored. There are four sub-directories under Old-Data but only contents of some directories (say PDB) need to be transferred but not others (say, Data, Denzo and Phaser) from this old computer to the new computer called


Here I am listing the directories in the old machine to find out what needs to be transferred and what can be excluded. As I mentioned above, we decide to transfer all the contents of PDB (i.e. PDB and all it sub-directories) but none of the other.

soma@neptune[3:02pm]/d6/Old-Data>/bin/ls -lt

total 20

drwxr-xr-x 2 soma users 4096 May 12 2005 PDB

drwxr-xr-x 2 soma users 4096 May 5 2005 Phaser

drwxr-xr-x 3 soma users 8192 May 5 2005 Denzo

drwxr-xr-x 4 soma users 9096 May 3 2005 Data



This is the new machine ( I log-in first and create a directory under /data/users called soma (this is my username). Then I move into that directory. Then I create a file called ex.txt in which I type names of all the directories of old computer (one directory per line) that I do NOT want to be transferred to the new machine and save it. Then I create a new directory called My-Data. Next I issue the rsync command with exclude-from= and other options. The transfer should begin, proceed and complete. Since there are several ways to transfer the data between two computers in a local area network, as opposed to wide area network (NFS mounted or not, forgo or keep compression and secure or regular transfer), I tried out all the combinations and determined the time taken to transfer the same amount of data and the results are given in the table below:





Time (bytes/sec)


























Since we are transferring data between the XRF computers we will choose the fastest way. This means that there is no need for secure shell (since the directories are NFS mounted), no compression needed since we are not concerned about band-width (internal transfer) but want to reduce the cpu load.


A Typical Session (transcript from the new computer):

Using exclude-from option

What a computer prints-out is shown as courier-bold and what the user types-in is shown in courier-regular.


soma@tango:/data/users/soma$ pwd


soma@tango:/data/users/soma$ mkdir My-Data

soma@tango:/data/users/soma$ ls -lt

drwxr-xr-x 2 soma Domain Users 39 2006-03-06 11:55 My-Data

soma@tango:/data/users/soma$ emacs ex.txt

Contents of ex.txt




soma@tango:/data/users/soma$ rsync -av --exclude-from=ex.txt /neptune/d6/Old-Data/ ./My-Data/

building file list ... done











sent 436634 bytes received 186 bytes 873640.00 bytes/sec

total size is 436014 speedup is 1.00


soma@tango:/data/users/soma$ cd My-Data

soma@tango:/data/users/soma/My-Data$ ls -lt


drwxr-xr-x 2 soma Domain Users 141 2005-05-12 10:17 PDB

The command and the explanation:



rsync -av --exclude-from=ex.txt /neptune/d6/Old-Data/ ./My-Data/



and the explanation for the command

rsync: the command itself

-a: archive mode (back-up)

-v: verbose mode

--exclude-from=: directories and files that need to be excluded; wild card permitted

ex.txt: the list of directories that are to be excluded, one line per directory

/neptune/d6/Old-Data: source directory for copying (NFS mounted, old machine)

./My-Data/: destination directory for storing (local computer, current directory, new machine)


The users will be given one-month to transfer their data from neptune to tango. Please send your suggestions and comments to Soma.