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Methods in Enzymology - Vol 276, Part A


  • Editors: Charles W. Carter, Jr. & Robert M. Sweet.
  • Publisher: Academic Press 1997.
  • ISBN: 0-12-182177-3.


This 700 page text on "Macromolecular Crystallography" provides crystallography coverage in the following sections: Introduction, Crystals, Apparatus and Sources (X-Ray), Detectors, Data Collection Software, Phases-Basic Concepts, Phases-Multiwavelength Methods, Phases-Molecular Replacement, Phases-Horizon Methods. Contributions for crystallization include: Overview of protein crystallization methods, inferences drawn from physiochemical studies of crystallogenesis and precrystalline state, membrane protein crystallization: Application of Sparse Matrices to the a-Hemolysin Heptamer, Response Surface Methods for Optimizing and Improving Reproducibility of Crystal Growth, Second Viral Coefficient as a Predictor in Protein Crystal Growth, Kinetics Aspects of Macromolecular Crystallization, Using Cosolvents to Stabilize Protein Conformation for Crystallization, Preparation and Crystallization of RNA: A Sparse Matrix Approach, Dynamic Light Scattering in Evaluating Crystallizability of Macromolecules, Two-Dimensional Protein Crystals in Aid of Three-Dimensional Protein Crystal Growth, Reductive Alkylation of Lysine Residues to Alter Crystallization Properties of Proteins, and Practical Cryocrystallography.

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