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Crystals and Life: A Personal Journey


  • Author: Cele Abad-Zapatero.
  • Publisher: International University Line 2002.
  • ISBN: 0-9720774-0-5.


The book introduces crystallography and the field and applications of structural biology using metaphors from the arts, music, poetry, and architecture. The reader will find a tapestry filled by personal experiences, historical anecdotes, biographical snapshots of scientific heroes of the field, and crystallographic concepts illustrated with artistic analogies. All these elements create a concoction that makes crystallography accessible, comprehensible, intriguing, inspiring and beautiful. The book is divided in sections covering: the basic elements of crystallography, novel technologies, practical applications and future perspectives. Since crystallography is quintessentially a visual science, the illustrations play a very important role in providing an excellent set of landmarks to guide the reader on this personal journey of discovery. Paperback, 260 pages, color illustrations.

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