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9. ' Structure determination of Adeno-associated virus 2 in P1 cell with three complet e virus particles.', Q. Xie, T. Somasundaram , S. Bhatia, W. Bu, M. S. Chapman. 2003 Annual American Crystallographic Association Meeting, Covington, KY.

8. ' Classical enzymology at atomic resolution - Substrate alignment and induced fit', M. S. Chapman, M. Yousef, S. A. Clark, P. Pruett, A. Azzi. J. Gattis, F. Fabiola, T. Somasundaram , and W. R. Ellington. 2002 IUCr XIX C ongress, Geneva, Switzerland.

7. ' Structure of an anti-parallel action dimer', C. Banchs, M. Bubb, L. Govindasa my, E. Yarmola, T. Somasundaram , M. Chapman, S. Vorobiev, S. Almo, M.A-McKenna, R. McKenna. 2002 Annual American Crystallographic Associatio n Meeting, San Antonio, Texas.

6. ' X-ray structure of apo-2,5-di-keto-D-gluconic acid reductase', G. Sanli, T. Somasundaram, M. Blaber, 45th Biophysical Society Meeting, Feb. 17-21, 2001, Boston, MA. 257- Poster, B# 113 (2001).

5. ' Catalysis in arginine kinase investigated through structure, mutagensis, and kine tics', P. Pruett, A. Azzi, J. G. Gattis, T. Somasundaram, W.R. Ellington, M.S. Chapman, ACA 2000 Annual Meeting. Abstract # W0078 (200 0).

4. ' Orbital Steering and Entropy: A Bimolecular Phosphoryl Transferase Transition Sta te Analog at 1.8 Å Resolution', J. L. Gattis, G. Zhou, P. S. Pruett, T. Somasundaram, W. R. Ellington, M. S. Chapman, ACA 1999 Annual Meeting. S0207, Abstract # W0120 (1999).

3. 'Transition state structure of arginine kinase: Implications for catalysis of biomo lecular reactions', M. S. Chapman, G. Zhou, T. Somasundaram, E. Blanc, G. D. Parthasarathy, and W. R. Ellington. 1998 American Cr ystallographic Society Meeting, Arlington, VA. Abstract E0090 (1998).

2. 'The effect of small hydrophobic gas molecules on detergent-induced hemolysis', H. Batliwala, T. Somasundaram, E. Uzgiris, and L. Makowski, 36th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting, Houston, TX, 1992. Biophys. J. 61 , A79 #457 (1992).

1. 'A novel technique for the enhancement of photoacoustic signal', T. Somasundaram and P. Ganguly, Third International conference on photoacoustic and photothermal spectroscopy, Paris, 1993. J Phys Colloq 44, C6: 239-242 (1983).

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