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Practical Core Facility Modules

The practical core facility modules in crystallization and diffraction is a precursor to graduate level bio-molecular structure characterization course. In this course, we will cover basic concepts of crystals, symmetry, crystallization, x-ray generation, radiation safety, x-ray diffraction, cryo safety, cryogenic technique, data collection, data processing, Linux o/s, computer graphics, data visualization, and model building. More emphasis will be given to hands-on training and lab work compared to a full-fledged graduate level course.

Young Scholars Program

In 2007 I started to get involved with Department of Biological Science's summer Young Scholars Program. Since then I have taken two high-school students during the summer terms of 2007 through 2013 (except for 2012). They work with me for six weeks during summer conducting individual research projects, ranging from spectroscopy, crystallization, and crystallography.

How-Tos and Manuals & Tutorials

The links below are list of how-to instructions, manuals, and tutorials that I have written for helping X-Ray Facility users and the general public.

Invited Talks & Presentations

The links below show a list of presentations that I have given during invited talks, XRF Workshops, Crystallography Club Meetings, and X-Ray Facility and General Lab Etiquettes Seminars.

Project KLB

In May 2003, I was selected to pick the furniture and essential supplies for the newly renovated Kasha Laboratory Building (KLB). Then, in July 2003 I started making posters that highlight the research activities of Institute members. The link below shows the posters that I made and displayed throught KLB.

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