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The students applying for Young Scholars Program (YSP) have a selection of over two dozen Individual Research Project (IRP) sponsors to choose from. So here I describe how I have prepare the projects. The projects have been designed by keeping in mind the following points:

  • Duration of the program: 6 weeks (with final week for preparation and presentation)
  • Number of days for experiments and analysis: 10 days (with final 2 days for presentation preparations)
  • Start and end a complete project (as opposed to participating in an on-going project)
  • Flexible enough so that it can be expanded to add more experiments and/or data
  • Provide experiences in the wet-lab (biochemistry), dry-lab (crystallography), and computer skills (Linux)

I have been involved with YSP since 2007 and the projects that I have prepared tend to be continuation of a project from previous year or analyze a different aspect the project from a previous year. Toward the end of the project-time we will try-out something new which may or may not become part of your IRP.


I have been lucky enough to get very good students to work with me for their Individual Research Projects. Shown below is a link to my YSP Alumni page where you will find out information about those who did Individual Research Projects (IRPs) with me. It gives some idea about what they did after leaving YSP and what they are currently doing. Thanks alumni for sharing this information. Please keep in touch!

YSP Alumni Page

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