RSRef2000 Documentation


Running RSRef2000

There are 3 separate ways that RSRef can be run:

Command-line execution

For batch-mode refinements, perhaps of an entire macromolecule.

Parameter file format
Explanation and example of the parameter file used explicitly in command-line execution, and implicitly in the other forms of execution.
See also GUI Editor for full documentation of the parameters.

Using the Graphics-user-interface (GUI)

(This documentation contains the fullest description of the refinement parameters.)

Using the Interface with the modeling program O (with or without the GUI)

Accessory programs

SelectCoord and ReExpand:

Programs called by the refinement routines for the selection of coordinates, symmetry expansion, weighting & format changes.

Documentation suitable for printing / searching (but not so good for browsing). 

ANDREI KOROSTELEV / MICHAEL S. CHAPMAN;  Last updated 03/20/2002