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Timothy M. Logan

Ph.D., 1991, Chemistry, The University of Chicago

Professor and Chair
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
102 Varsity Way
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4390
Phone: (850) 644-1244


Institute of Molecular Biophysics, Kasha Laboratory
Phone: 850 644 8979
Fax: 850 644 7244

Research Interests

I am a chemist by training. In my research, I use the concepts, tools, and language of chemistry to understand biology. My major research interests focus on the connection between protein structure and protein function. My research training is in multidimensional biomolecular NMR spectroscopy but we also use other spectroscopies and biophysical techniques as necessary to solve our research problems. To learn more about my research projects, follow the Research links on this page.


I teach General Biochemistry to undergraduates at FSU. I also teach graduate level courses in Physical Biochemistry and NMR Spectroscopy. More information can be found by following the Teaching link to the right.

Recent Graduates

Dave Skelton defened in Summer, 2011. He is now a postdoc with the EPA in Athens, GA.
Kyle Noble
Defended in Summer, 2011. He is now a postdoc with Ken Roux at FSU.
Josh Kogot
defended in the Fall, 2008. He is now a Staff Scientist at the Army Research Labs.
Jason Crowe defended in July, 2009. He is staying on with Dr. Teng Ma before finding a permanent position.

Recent Papers

Enhanced production and isotope enrichment of recombinant glycoproteins produced in cultured mammalian cells. JBNMR, 2010
A major determinant of cyclophilin dependence and cyclosporine susceptibility of hepatitis C virus identified by a genetic approach.  PLoS Pathogen, 2010
Analysis of the dyamics of assembly and structural impact for a histidine tagged FGF1-1.5 nm Au nanoparticle bioconjugate. Bioconj. Chem. 2009
Single peptide assembly onto a 1.5 nm Au surface via a histidine tag. JACS. 2008.

I Need Graduate Students!

I have openings for graduate students interested in metabolomics. You will receive training in biochemistry, spectroscopy, computer scripting, statistical data analysis, and other areas. My previous students are working as postdocs, as faculty, and in industry. Contact me about working in my lab!

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